Is your salon pouring money down your washbasins? There’s no doubt that the past year has been tough. With salons across the country forced to temporarily close as the world dealt with a pandemic, you won’t be alone if you didn’t make as much money as you expected! So, now’s the time to look […]

  How to Cut it as a Freelance Hairstylist: Top Challenges to Expect and What It Takes Overcome Them Are you ready to become your own boss? As a hairstylist, there are plenty of employment options. Many stylists choose to work in a salon or spa, but freelance work is gaining popularity. Freelancing offers a […]

  The coronavirus pandemic has more people than ever searching for ways to work from home. If you’re a salon owner and YouTube user, you’ve seen ads on some of your favorite videos. These ads are a way to make money without leaving the house, and it’s easier than you might think. Since you have […]

It’s an age-old question. As a salon owner, is it better to be a landlord and offer booth rental or have employees who earn commission? As you may know, there are pros and cons to both sides, and there’s no “right” answer. Running a business is never easy, so let’s take a look at the […]

Many of your clients may come into your salon complaining of dry and frizzy hair. No amount of at-home deep conditioners or hair treatments can make their hair luscious and shiny. Enter BioSilk therapy. Is there anything more luxurious than a silk robe or pillowcase? Imagine applying that soft texture to your hair, transforming it […]

  There is always a debate between LED and UV, LED lamps usually taking the lead. This is mostly because LED lamps are less expensive to use and are less damaging on the skin. However, a UV nail lamp can safely cure both types of polish. Even better news: LED UV lamps are powerful enough […]

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Big hair, don’t care? False. Research shows that for 68% of women, a bad hair day leads to a decrease in confidence and hinders work performance. Unfortunately, maintaining sleek and shiny hair all the time is difficult. Rainy days, humidity, and tossing and turning all night can prevent us from controlling our hair. But that […]

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